Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Biblical Perspective on Politics

I am amazed at how quickly the American church embraces the notion that an America with better "morals" would somehow be better off in the eyes of God. I believe Scripture is clear that a "moral" America would in no way deserve God's favor any more so than a moral man would deserve God's grace and mercy. It is clear from God's Word that moralism is detrimental to the expansion of the Gospel. Paul challenged the Philippian believers to avoid false teachers who advocated the "good works" mentality of God's acceptance. We do not earn salvation or God's favor through performing certain acts of obedience. To think that God's acceptance comes through the LAW is to remove the glory of Christ's work (Galatians 2). Moralism is not the answer to America's problem. Abortion and homosexuality are not America's issue. They are the fruit of it. The answer is not new leaders who can write new legislation to prevent such acts. The answer is and always has been Christ. We as a church must embrace the command to preach Christ and Him crucified to our nation. The change we need is a change that can only be brought about by the Holy Spirit. May God bring permanent change to our nation through regenerated hearts that submit to Him through faith and not through Laws.