Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pray Expectantly

I was sitting at Stevie B's Pizza yesterday with Lauren, Jen, Maggie, Jack and my mom. Maggie (3 years old) expressed a desire to pray for us before the meal so Jen suggested some things to mention in her prayer. She was careful to tell Maggie to thank God for the time we were getting to spend with family today and asked her to pray that God would give Adam and Lauren and mommy and daddy wisdom as they make decisions for buying a house.

Maggie's prayer "thank you God for giving us wisdom for buying a house." I love that. Obviously Maggie doesn't understand but I loved the thought of her praying/thanking God for something that He has already promised to give us. (James 1:5). Let us all pray more expectantly in our prayers, especially when we are praying for something that God has told us to pray for and promised to give us when we ask.