Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Blogs Added

Hey guys just wanted to encourage you that a few more blogs have been added to the "recommended list" for you to follow. Make sure you check out "Church Planting for the Rest of Us" and "Amy Davis." Girls, Amy just finished a series entitled "An Excellent Wife is the Crown of Her Husband." It looks good, check it out!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ephesians 2: From Death to Life

Dead without the knowledge of it…

the destructive nature of sin leaves us so mangled and scarred,

corrupting us to the very core of our being

that we readily accept an existence of bondage that we ignorantly call “life”.

We walk in chains but not in service to men

but instead to our own desires and cravings, whose fulfillment,

while sought desperately, always seems just out of reach.

Tragically we glory in our pitiful state

that has been dealt to us by our own choosing.

Like neglected children, our cries of want and need go unheard

by a world that promises so much.

Yet blindly we continue to follow it,

choosing to ignore that which awaits us after its passing.

Completely unresponsive to the things of God and unable to be what

we were created for, we have become death walking.

We exist as walking corpses, fruit of our own rebellion

and driven to gratify our selfish appetites.

And yet it is precisely in this helpless, lifeless state that our Creator

extends to us the means to live.

What we foolishly walked away from together long ago

and have unknowingly been in need of ever since

now has been purchased on our behalf.

Blood not of our own now raises to life that which was dead.

Freedom from sin and death, which we vainly sought in our

own futile efforts has now been secured through God’s love and mercy.

Restored to our proper place in Christ, we no longer must stumble about,

lost and confused, thirsting for reason and purpose.

For our eyes have been opened, awakening us to both what we used to be

and what we are meant to become.

And it is here, in light of God’s grace, that we begin to truly understand

what it means to live.