Thursday, December 30, 2010

24 Books Complete!

At the beginning of last year I made the commitment to read a book a month. By God's grace I was able to find the time to complete 2 books a month. (I finished #24 for the year this morning). I've listed the books I completed below and would encourage you to pick up any one of them this year to read. I was encouraged greatly by all of them. Let me know if you would like a specific review on a title. (Note: Special Awards given)

1. Forgotten God by Francis Chan
2. Three Views on the Millennium and Beyond edited by Darrell Bock
3. Heaven Misplaced by Douglas Wilson
4. The Smell of Sin and the Fresh Air of Grace by Don Everts
5. What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert
6. You Can Change by Tim Chester
7. Death by Love by Mark Driscoll
8. Refuel by Doug Fields
9. Church Planting is for Wimps by Mike McKinley (I Never Thought I Would Need Book, but I definitely do now)
10. Standing Strong by John MacArthur
11. Saved Without a Doubt by John MacArthur
12. Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers by John Owen (Most Difficult to Read Book)
13. What Does God Want of Us Anyway? By Mark Dever
14. By Whose Authority? by Mark Dever
15. Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris
16. Love that Rescues: God’s Fatherly Love in the Practice of Church Discipline by Eric J. Bargerhuff
17. Radical by David Platt (Most Convicting Book)
18. Finally Alive by John Piper (Best All-Around Book)
19. Jesus: The Only Way to God by John Piper
20. Humility: The Journey Toward Greatness by Andrew Murray
21. Humilty: True Greatness by C.J. Mahaney
22. The Unlikely Disciple by Kevin Roose (Must Read by Any LU Student Book)
23. Lord Foulgrin’s Letters by Randy Alcorn (Most Surprised by Its Goodness Book - I cried reading it)
24. Choosing to Cheat by Andy Stanley

Friday, December 3, 2010

Keep Praying for Matt Chandler

Here is an encouraging update from Matt Chandler. Can you believe it has been a year?