Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Don't Believe What I Just Saw

There is a famous call by Vin Scully of the L.A. Dodgers that reflects what most of the sports world felt when a hobbled, over the hill Kirk Gibson came off the bench to win a World Series game in spectacular fashion (you can watch the video here) back in 1988. An improbable feat, as an unlikely hero homered off the most dominant closer in baseball at that time. Most people would agree with Vin Scully, "I don't believe what I just saw."

There was a group in Mark 2:1-12 though that witnessed something far more spectacular, making their similar comments to Vin Scully's much more meaningful. In this passage, Jesus heals a paralytic, a man who medically had been told that he would never walk again. And yet Jesus exercises His sovereign authority over creation to fix what was previously broken. But in more spectacular fashion, He heals this man spiritually as well. Most would say the miracle performed in this passage was the healing of his physical ailment. But Jesus draws attention to his ability to heal spiritually. By proclaiming that this man's sins were forgiven, Jesus worked a far greater miracle. As a holy God, Jesus forgives sins that would condemn this man for eternity. Yet with a spoken word this man is transferred from darkness to light instantaneously. Some in the crowd were angered over this proclamation. In their hearts they questioned how an ordinary man could forgive sins. It's precisely by this action though that Jesus revealed He was more than an ordinary man. He is qualified to forgive sins because He is God in flesh. 

The people that day left, overwhelmed by what they had witnessed. The passage tells us they glorified God (they made his greatness known) by proclaiming to others..."We never saw anything like this!"

May we be just as faithful to reveal the greatness of God to others as this group did that day! Because if we are Christians we have certainly witnessed an unbelievable, life changing miracle in our own life. 

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