Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sometimes God Leads Us to Death

Excerpt from Nate Saint's Journal...talking about Operation Auca only days before his murder. 

"May God continue to put His good hand on the project and may we drop it when not fully assured of His direction. At present we feel unanimously that God is in it. May the praise be His and may it be that some Auca, clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, will be with us as we lift our voice in praise before His throne. Amen."

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! What a joy it must be to sit in the presence of Lord Jesus with a group of people that were responsible for your death....knowing that it was only through your death that they are now sitting with you. 

When your life is all about the can confidently be led by God to your own death, knowing that by losing your life, you gain it, and so many others may gain theirs as well. 

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